Wednesday 16 July 2008

Why so serious? (Edit)

Photoshop CS2 & Painter IX
Two more days until The Dark Knight premieres! *__*

EDIT (07/21/08):
Photoshop CS2
So I ended up watching the movie TWICE, lol. Best damn superhero flick ever! XD The Joker totally stole the show, but Harvey Dent stole my heart! (hawhaw lamest line ever *shoots self*) *Spoilers, highlight to read* Such a tragic character T^T Wish he'd come back in the third film, if they ever make one... I'm so depressed they killed him off. Or did they?? 'Cuz I did some snooping around the net and some people are speculating that he didn't die and they faked the whole funeral, and he was instead shipped off to Arkham Asylum. I really hope so. We need more Two-Face, definitely! *End of spoilers*

Tuesday 15 July 2008


Painter IX
Stupid girl, you're supposed to tie the string around your wrist :I