Thursday, 6 December 2007

Bones 'n Stuff

Character Expression Sheet: Hehehe~ I like drawing fat, goofy old men ^^

Bones: Ah~ >__> The quality of these drawings are so inconsistent, 'cause I did them over a span of...what, 2 months? 3? All I know is, the pelvis was a bitch to draw =___= Gawd. Skull was the most fun~~ I used a real one! 80 Like, one that used to belong to a living breathing human being~ Creeeeepy 8(


Unknown said...

:( I love and miss you - I just moved to Grande Prairie, AL. I'll give you a call on the weekend (Dec. 8-9) or something, but it'll be a bit hard cuz of the time difference. It's really great to see your work again. You're really improving a lot - I'm glad you're getting something out of the program. Not that you would go, you know, to not. Or whatever. -_-; LOVE FOREVER, Leila

chang said...

whao look at that line quality on ur character o_o jebus

and damnit, ur bone drawings look like friggin' paintings...but wth happenned with the pelvis? xD

chang said...

gawwwd i havn't even started the paintings yet >_>;;
and essay too...gahhhh *foams in mouth

Beltaguise said...

Fat guys always looked fun to draw, but I could never get the hang of it. Your expressions are awesome though. He looks so funny~
Actually, he kind of looks like Fiddler's Green from The Sandman series. xD

Gigie said...

fun squashing and stretching with them pudgy cheeks.

How long did it take you for each separate drawing?
Did you have to be perfectly exact for your assignment?