Monday, 28 January 2008

Pink Panther Walk

First animation assignment of the semester~ The head was fun to animate 8) Arms were a bitch though...

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Compy sketches *UPDATED*

Ema & Trucy from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Out Feb. 19th! Gotta get it! Gotta get it! *o*)

Done once again in digital tools class in Painter :P I started colouring this, but gave up. Ah man, the monitors in the computer lab are pretty messed up! 8( The colours looked fine on the computer there, but when I brought it home everything was all dark and muddy. Graah, and I don't feel like messing around with the colour balance or the levels, 'cause I'll probably never get it the same colour as I originally intended it to be. 8( So..ya. Not finishing this anytime soon.

UPDATE: Wow, so I finally got around to finishing that Ema & Trucy pic, even though I said I wouldn't 8) Change of heart I guess?

Some Girly Guy

Playing around with ArtRage at the moment :3 It's pretty nifty; like Painter without the extra crap! I like the different textured surfaces you can draw on too. Anyway, I guess this is like, what, a 'faux' pencil sketch? Haha~ If only real-life pencils came with an undo button :<

Friday, 11 January 2008

Back from outer space...

...with life drawings! 80 Maaan, 3 weeks of doing absolutely nothing really messed up my drawing abilities XD At least they're easing us back into work at school though~ Not much pressure other than that scary bone test everyone's freaking out about (including me), which reminds me I'd better study some more...

30 sec. (damn, gonna add that extra stroke so his raised arm doesn't look like it's a floating sausage thing =_=)

1 min. (neck...neeeck D8 It's there, I swear!)

3 min. (...)

Eh, haven't updated in a while, so here's a few pages from my current sketchbook. Some observed, most from my messed up mind >.>

and one more for the road...

It's over 9 thousaaaannnndd!!!