Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sketchdump time~

It's been a while!

EDIT: Here's some caricatures! Just sat down in the mall cafeteria and started drawing people lol


Yen Verhoeven said...

Your art is way too awesome!!! ^.^

Dilraj said...

Goood, I love your stuff *_*;;;


Casey said...

Yes, Luffy! <3

Oh my I love your style. It's so fluent and smooth and nice <3

Domee said...

@Yen Verhoeven: Thanks! X)

@Dee: Hey, you! Update your blog more! >:0 *poke poke*

@Casey: Thank you! ;w; Yeah, it's just a silly little doodle of Luffy getting felt up by Boa Hancock XD Her crush on him is so amusing, ahahaha~ Shota complex lol

*breathe* Need. More. OP. :I

Agnes Salek said...

Most recent OP chapters are delicious, need more LuffyxHancock :3

Also the cover for 528?? Is that epic or what :D

Cafeteria sketches are hilarious

Lee Tao said...

the curves! the cuuurvessssssss!

awesome as always... man the curves

I'm really looking forward to what boa is going to think about ace.

Domee said...

Lol~ Iunno, I think Luffy's still gonna be her man XD Aaah it'd be so cool if she joined the crew! But that'll probably never happen~ >o>

chang said...

gahhk u coloured it *-*
eheehee, ur drawings give me happy feelings >_>;;

Caroline Hung said...

So fluid and dynamic~ -///- <3
And the people in your caf. sketches just ooze with personality and character.
BAH, see why I am eternally your fangirl. *3*;

...Mia looks so pleasantly squishy and huggable, it's wonderful. XD lol


beautiful sketches!

Marco said...

All your stuff is awesome!:o
Love to see the manga-characters in your very own style!