Saturday, 11 July 2009

warning: extreme nerdage ahead

I usually hate the science fiction genre, but the new Star Trek film's converted me! lol Apologies in advance for any costume inaccuracies; doodled these from memory >_<


Lee Tao said...

I lold, these are sweet.

are you still doing like 2 or more sketchbook pages a day? or is work too much drawing already?

post these more often =>

Domee said...

It depends! Some days 1 or 2, other times 7 lolol. But my new sketchbook is small though, so it's not as impressive as it sounds =w=;;;

I'm going to attempt to make daily updates from now on... dunno if I can go through with it, though! XD

Meng Tian Zhang said...

Startreeeek~ I spent hours watching the original series with Shatner after seeing the movie.

Really nice sketches, I like the red cheeks against the blue lines. Very cool.

Caroline Hung said...

Well, beam me up scotty... 8B
So the movie's good? I haven't had a chance to see it yet. *=*;

Spock in a sun hat and a hawaiian shirt is now my new favourite thing ever. <3

Yay for your updates!

chang said...

oh domee. i shall proceed to orz on this blog as well

Jolls said...

YESSS welcome to the wonderful world of sci-fi. Also, Star Trek is fantastic, innit?