Thursday, 10 March 2011


Make-up or hair?? I usually fudge both :(


Unknown said...

I say art! then whatever makes you happy for the rest haha

Dana said...

i know the feeling ;3; sadly

(cute doodles! >3< )

messytimbo said...

very lovely, your drawings are amazing!

supermonkey said...

omg, been eating up your blog for a while and I just noticed u r a girl?!!
hahah. cool! luv ur stuff :) and can totally relate to ur post.

maggie said...

My gosh Domee, you sketches are amazing. The line economy, gesture, composition, and lighting is all pro as hell. I always thought you'd go into something academic but damn, you're just phenomenal at everything. Tiencai. ;)

Stuart said...

Your blog is beautiful. Great drawing.

DEISIGN said...

Girl, you are so very good! DEISIGN is following your blog starting now and for a very long time! Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

beautiful this!X3

Gigie said...

And thus the reason why i have cut my hair to a young greek boy's length, and don't bother with my eyebrows, ect ect.

Tried for too long most of my life ot be 'pretty' according to my mom's...everyone's standards.
I dunno.

I find it sad that a lot of people consider make up the only way to be 'beautiful. Sure, it can give an extra bump to the aesthetic beauty ect. Too much of a hassle.

I say, lipstick is best drawn on walls and eyeliner as sumi ink! <:D

Great drawing btw.
Looks like you've been caught in your fuddling around with the rouge.