Monday, 12 May 2008

It's not what you think...

...I'm not obsessed with Iron Man, I swear. I just think the character of Tony Stark is full of awesomesauce =w=

Photoshop 7. Er... I don't know how to draw metal surfaces, clearly >> Practice, practice... One of my favourite parts of the movie was when Iron Man fired a chest beam at the Iron Monger, and I suddenly thought "CARE BEAR STARE!!" Lmao~


Percy Bysshe said...

Great batch of recent stuff! I was into Iron Man way back when, so I concur- cool character - Downey's a great actor, he was amazing in Chaplin -

Domee said...

Thanks ^^

I'm not that familiar with Downey's other works, but I'm definitely going to check it out now XD

Ah, I never read the Iron Man comics (or most superhero comics, with the exception of the Runaways). Too many issues/spin-off stories, I wouldn't know where to start XP

chRisLee said...

so you like mid-aged man

Domee said...

Wh-what? = = I like all kinds of attractive men!

...but yes, the older ones seem to have more appeal D8 *gets shot*

Red Fox said...

Hey nice pic!
I never conectd iron man with these bears're fucking right!

Now my world it's falling apartn @_@, like some kind of revelation!

He he,beautiful work mate!